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Wills Trusts Estates

Minor Bell and Neal

Estate Planning
Minor, Bell & Neal offers a spectrum of estate planning services to accomodate the simplest or most sophisticated estate planning concerns. We draft wills, advise clients on gift and income tax, and assist clients in creating partnerships and LLCs, charitable arrangements (CRUT, CRAT, CLT, Foundation, etc.), irrevocable life insurance trust, minor trust, current gifting, living revocable trust, and other wealth protection vehicles.

Estate Administration
Minor, Bell & Neal provides a full range of probate services including, but not limited to probating wills, administering estates, dispute resolution and litigation, after death tax planning, will contest and other probate issues.

Elder Law
Minor, Bell & Neal’s Wills Trusts Estates group also works with the elderly (and/or their guardians), to ensure they have proper care later in life by offering asset, insurance and accommodations planning. Our services to the elderly begin with a complete asset analysis, after which we make recommendations regarding asset protection vehicles, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and plans for extra care (including nursing home or community living arrangements, in-home care, or assisted living facility care). We also routinely set up legal guardianships for our elderly clients.