Our Client Commitments

Minor, Bell & Neal believes the best way to serve its clients’ needs is through long-term relationships. These relationships enable Minor, Bell & Neal to address more than the particular issue at hand, but also to consider how possible solutions can best support a client’s big-picture goals and strategies. This approach has proven successful in many client relationships with individuals, businesses and governments, which our attorneys have been privileged to serve for more than thirty years.

Although the attorneys of Minor, Bell & Neal have a long history of representing clients directly engaged in or supporting the floor covering industry, our expertise extends far beyond this. We have a broad base of experience in representing floor covering businesses in all areas from manufacturing to distribution, and we have similar relationships within the synthetic turf industry.

For more than 25 years our attorneys have worked at building a substantial base of knowledge that allows us to provide quality legal services for banks and other financial institutions, developers, contractors, health care systems and providers, non-profit organizations, accountants and other professionals, public utilities and governments.

Domestic Relations
We are continually aware that the businesses we represent are actually the people who own, operate and work for those businesses. Occasionally, these people need help dealing with life’s most personal issues. From planning a marriage to adopting a child, dissolving a marriage and dealing with the difficult issues of alimony, division of property, child custody and support, many of our client relationships in the area of domestic relations come from referrals from other clients we have been privileged to serve in the past. These referrals of their families and friends are a strong testament to their confidence in the quality of services we have provided.

The attorneys within our firm have a long history of providing legal services to meet the unique needs of municipal and county governments, as well as their boards, agencies and commissions. We presently represent the City of Dalton, the Dalton-Whitfield Joint Development Authority, the Board of the Water, Light and Sinking Fund Commission, the City of Ringgold, the City of Rossville, the City of Chickamauga, The Hospital Authority of Walker, Dade & Catoosa Counties, and others.

Health Care
The commitments we have had to our health care clients are among the longest established and comprehensive of any of our client relationships. We are general counsel to Hamilton Health Care System and its affiliated entities, including Hamilton Medical Center, Murray Medical Center, Royal Oak Community, HLTC (assisted living facilities), Hamilton Emergency Medical Services, Dalton Senior Housing and Whitfield Place. We also represent Hutcheson Health Enterprises, Inc., the Hospital Authority of Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties, Highland Rivers Community Service Board and Battlefield Imaging.  The expertise in healthcare regulatory and transactional issues developed from these representations has also led to long-term relationships with other providers and suppliers in the health care industry.

Litigation/Risk Management
Our Litigation and Risk Management attorneys provide services to a wide range of clients. We advise health care clients such as Hamilton Medical Center and Murray Medical Center in general risk management matters, and represent these clients in all types of litigation, including the defense of medical malpractice cases. Through our association with insurers such as MAG Mutual Insurance Company and State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company, we defend physicians and other health care professionals in medical malpractice and other litigation. We have also represented health care facilities and physicians in internal peer review matters and in administrative proceedings with state and federal agencies. Our defense of injury claims is not limited to medical cases, and for years we have provided general insurance defense services to clients through a number of insurers.

In addition to our health care litigation and risk management practice, we also provide a broad range of similar service to our business clients. For years, Minor, Bell & Neal has represented floor covering entities in litigation matters, and has advised these and other businesses in risk avoidance in areas such as trade secret protection, employment law, work place claims, workers' compensation and other matters. In those instances when owners, shareholders or members of business entities have reached an impasse regarding the operation of the business, our litigation and risk management attorneys have provided representation to assist in resolving these disputes, either through litigation or alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration). Many of these cases have involved millions of dollars.

Minor, Bell & Neal attorneys have also assisted our business clients, banks and financial institutions in all manner of litigation and dispute resolution involving collection of debts, foreclosure or enforcement of other obligations against their debtors.

Our litigation and risk management attorneys also provide representation to individuals in domestic relations matters, probate disputes and other similar matters.

Real Estate
We have deep roots in our communities as experts in real estate law. Whether you are an individual or a business entity, our attorneys are available to assist in all matters relating to real property. We have expertise in residential and commercial real estate closings, land use and development, property disputes, property transfers and much more. Our strong relationships with local real estate agents, brokers, insurers, lenders and financial institutions help us to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients. Our attorneys have expertise in title insurance law, and they are agents for Chicago Title and Fidelity National Title Insurance companies. Please refer to the Minor, Bell & Neal Title Company page on this site for more complete information.

Wills, Trusts, Estates and Elder Law
While death and taxes are two things that are guaranteed in life, planning for these life events doesn't have to be difficult. Whether recently married, celebrating the birth of a child or planning to care for your elderly parents, our attorneys are qualified to provide assistance with estates of any value. We serve clients in the areas of Estate Planning and Asset Protection ranging from business owners to employees of businesses and single individuals to large families. We have the expertise to advise clients on planning the care of elderly individuals and the costs associated with such care. Relationships with local living facilities and health care organizations help to enhance our understanding of these issues. Connections with local accountants, insurance agents, care facilities, and financial institutions help us to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal services in these areas.