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Minor Bell and Neal 

Since the inception of Minor, Bell & Neal, its business attorneys have counseled small, medium and large companies that are engaged in, provide support to, or do business with the floor covering industry. This involvement has afforded the Minor, Bell & Neal business attorneys considerable experience in understanding and responding to the needs of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys have also gained broad and in-depth industry-specific experience through longtime counseling of health care providers, real estate developers, contractors, utilities, financial service providers and local governments.

In addition to services to these specific industries, Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys have years of experience in providing legal counsel for a myriad of small, medium and large businesses as they are created, develop legal relationships, deal with human resource issues, obtain capital for growth, merge with or acquire others, plan for their leadership and ownership succession and generally deal with the day-to-day challenges of doing business.

Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys have long recognized that the most effective way to meet the legal needs of their clients is to get to know them and their personal and business goals, strategies, and manners of conducting their business. Through the development of relationships that may extend beyond the scope of the legal representation, Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys are best positioned to meet the clients’ needs and expectations. As a result of this personalized approach, Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys have client relationships that trace their roots to the 1950’s.

Minor, Bell & Neal's business attorneys provide a broad array of legal services. The phrase “general business legal services” broadly defines what the business attorneys deliver to their clients, but by no means tells the entire story of what the business attorneys do. While not intended as an exhaustive list of the services provided, the following is illustrative of some of legal work typically done by the business attorneys:

• Choice of business form
• Business organization
• Business governance
• Relationships among business owners
• Business succession planning
• Contracts (with employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, etc.)
• Employment issues
• Dispute resolution and risk management (See Litigation)
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Financing
• Regulatory matters